How to build my network on LinkedIn?

Many people on LinkedIn haven’t made an active choice to build their network properly. We have old colleagues (who may be in once every three months), fellow students (who are in when they are looking for a new job, and maybe some recruiters…

You need to think about who is a relevant and interesting contact for you. Connect with existing customers, potential customers and people who interests you on a more personal level.

“I only connect with those I already know or have met”
This is a common comment. And yes, we can understand it, but at the same time… This is not Facebook, this is not Instagram. It is not “just another social media”. See LinkedIn rather as a business network, or a network meeting – which is open around the clock. Year round.
And how do you behave at a network meeting? Do you just talk to those you already know and hide in a corner? Nope. You mingle around (yes, a little bit scary at first…), share business cards (if you use it), are curious, helpful, supportive, offer your knowledge, offer your network, find collaborations, book meetings, etc. And that’s exactly the same way we should act on LinkedIn. It just happens to be online instead.

So, think for a minute – then go!