Individual Coaching 1 month

1 month

$1 300

For you who have already come a long way and are willing to really go for it!

Individual Coaching 2 months

2 months

$1 600

You´ve already come a long way but needs an extra boost!

Individual Coaching 3 months

3 months

$1 900

With 3 months of LinkedIn coaching, you really build the habit of becoming active on the world's largest business network!

Leaders on LinkedIn 1 month

1 month

from $ 1 800

An intensive month for those who are already active on LinkedIn!

Leaders on LinkedIn 2 months

2 months

from $ 2 500

In 2 months, you will learn how to lead your team forward on LinkedIn!

Leaders on LinkedIn 3 months

3 months

from $ 3 200

3 months of coaching for you who are relatively new as a leader on LinkedIn, we make sure to create a confidence for you to lead digitally on LinkedIn.

Profile review

30 minutes


Get your LinkedIn profile in order so that you attract in the right way!

Keep it up!

pp / month


Have you been coached? We´ll keep an eye on you so that you actually keep up, even after the coaching.

E-learning – On the road to a new job!

6 weeks


Are you a job seeker and want to take a proactive approach to finding your new job? Then get active on LinkedIn with the help of our 6-week e-learning course "Towards a new job"!

E-learning – Social Selling with LinkedIn!

12 weeks


Boost your sales with the help of LinkedIn. With LinkedCoach's E-learning, you get weekly assignments to become active on LinkedIn - the right way, to complement the other sales you do via email, phone and meetings.

E-Learning – LinkedIn for Startups 8 Weeks

8 weeks

$ 595

Attract customers, colleagues, investors and partners using LinkedIn! Time consumption: 8 weeks Approach: Every Monday, the courses and assignments of the week, for 8 weeks. Investment: SEK 5 500 excl. VAT (SEK 6 875 including VAT). We at LinkedCoach wish you good luck! You can find the training here: