LinkedIn Lectures

What does your company need? Is it an inspirational lecture to get more people at the company to open their eyes to LinkedIn and see its full potential? Or is it about Personal Branding? Or are you already quite active on LinkedIn and want to delve into Social Selling and how it works?

LinkedCoach has several different lecture assignments and also holds Content Workshops to provide more inspiration on what you can write and create content about.

Of course, we offer general knowledge LinkedIn training, which can be adapted to the participants’ level of competence. Approx: 1-2 hours.

The lectures can be run both physically and digitally.

If you are interested in a lecture, send an email to Pontus, and he will help you with a suitable arrangement.

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Personal Branding

How do we build a sustainable and credible brand through knowledge and commitment?

How important are the staff’s personal brands and what are the benefits of mobilizing the company’s resources outside the marketing department?

At first glance, it can be seen as a bit dangerous to build up the employee’s personal brand. On the other hand, when we look at the question sensibly, we often come to the realization that it is precisely the staff who have the relationship with the customers. Business is done between two people who somehow meet. Can we make it easier for our employees to get closer to our customers? Can we make it easier to actually do business?

An employee who builds their network, spreads knowledge and represents your brand is a springboard into completely new networks. All of a sudden, the company takes a place in a network where it has not previously been represented. You are building more contact areas and the number of customer contacts every week will increase like an avalanche.

A strong personal brand takes time to build as it is based largely on trust and knowledge. It will take time, but once we are there, the effects are really good and you will reap the benefits of the work.

Pontus Roos trains and lectures continuously within Personal Brand and LinkedIn, and is hired by, among others, IHM Business School in their educations.

For more information and booking, email Pontus at:

LinkedIn – Kickstart

Mats Lygrell has with LinkedIn’s fantastic opportunities taken a strong position on the world’s largest business platform.

This lecture is aimed for those of you who want to get active on your own, but need inspiration and knowledge for your first steps.

The lecture is 1-2 hours and focuses on profile, what purpose you have, what you can do but also what you should not do. What is a relevant network and should you always use the share button even if the post is of value?

We also look at LinkedIn’s tools and how you use them for best effect. This is one to two hours of knowledge that will help you take the first step in your investment in LinkedIn.

As an option for the education, there is also feedback on all profiles. This means that all participants receive feedback on their own content, profile and changes we recommend.

For more information and booking, email Pontus at:

LinkedIn – Lecture, Training & Content Workshop

A customized training with workshop and feedback.

Alexander Johansson trained his colleagues at ABB in LinkedIn as early as 2014. Solid experience from a variety of industries and worked with marketing and sales for 20+ years. With a clear customer and business focus, he quickly becomes aware of companies’ challenges and opportunities. Alex helps companies with their brand and marketing, and hires marketing consultants in his own company Marketmatch.

Alexander is one of the coaches at LinkedCoach and is responsible for own customers but also joint customers together with other coaches.

The lecture is a mix of training and workshop, where we adapt it to your wishes. But it is usually 2 or 3 hours with or without Content Workshop.

Together we can also set strategy and what you want to talk about and what you do not want to talk about. At the individual level, we also ensure that everyone is on the track in terms of personal profile and basic skills. In addition to this, we also have a workshop on content where we develop ideas together and find the right angle on the messages.

Do you want to book Alexander? Contact him directly at

LinkedIn – Lecture, Training & Workshop

A combo where Workshop is in focus.

Rolf Lindström has a solid background within digital marketing and more specialized on LinkedIn. As early as 2015, Rolf was named in the top 10 by all marketers on LinkedIn in Sweden.

A LinkedIn training with Rolf always creates a feeling of trust and knowledge. With a digital background since 1996, Rolf has been involved in the changes that many people talk about.

Where do you want to focus on the lecture? Is it the digital journey or do you want to be more hands-on and educate yourself, sharpen your profiles on LinkedIn and ensure that your presence on the platform is strengthened?

Rolf has trained over 400 people in LinkedIn so you can be sure you will get a lot of knowledge!

Rolf is also open for assignments as interim marketing manager. Contact Rolf directly on LinkedIn and you will have contact in the right place: