LinkedCoach – About us

We know that man beats the machine!

LinkedCoach lives with the conviction that business is about relationships. Even though we live in a digital age, the meeting between people is what drives companies and people forward. What we see today are companies fighting for space in the digital noise. There are an impossible number of choices that have to be made and the marketing department really has a challenge to keep up.

What we see, however, is the part that falls outside the marketing department and it is the personal brand of all employees. Those who dare and want to build their personal brand and the company’s brand – at the same time. Of course, the best thing when our customers talk a lot about us and our products, but what comes after customers, is that employees at the company become ambassadors for the company through their own networks.

LinkedIn is today a person-driven platform, by that we mean that the person is more important than the company behind it. It is your employees who create reach, commitment and keep in contact with your customers or competitors’ customers through their commitment and knowledge. This is a range that cannot be bought in the traditional way. The marketing department can be a support behind but should not act as a brake. For the personal commitment of employees is a primordial force when we channel it in the right way.

We are talking about hundreds of thousands of gross contacts per employee and year. Does it seem scary? Or does it seem tempting? With the right help, guidance and coaching, we can together make you a leader on LinkedIn. How would it feel to be strongly associated with your industry and actually be the thought leader on LinkedIn?

Do you see the competitive advantage of converting cold calls to lukewarm or even hot?

At LinkedIn, we build relevant networks together where you will talk to your customers, your competitors’ customers and also find new employees. It is always difficult to build the habit, you have probably started training in a gym at some point and then quit after a while.

It works exactly the same way here. We can train you on the platform for a day or two, but by using individual coaching, we have 1-3 months to build the habit and knowledge of the platform. You will already during that time see the effect, learn more and create an opportunity to do business – or build Employer branding. Depending on what exactly your needs are.

It all starts with a good and sustainable habit and we at LinkedCoach can help you with that!

How it all started for LinkedCoach

Pontus Roos, who founded LinkedCoach, has for more than 5 years used LinkedIn as a main medium for his marketing and sales.

You may recognize Pontus standing by one of his coffee mopeds? Pontus and his wife Anna are franchisees at Fogarolli who with their small red coffee mopeds established at events in Sweden. Pontus began his LinkedIn journey when he worked as a regional sales & marketing manager at Svensk Fastighetsförmedling (Real Estate Agents). The power of the network proved to be very valuable, fun and an effective way to build a strong personal brand.

Pontus has also worked as a LinkedIn coach since 2018 and over the years has coached companies and individuals to achieve set goals and success via LinkedIn. With a structured approach, high knowledge and focus on building a habit of using LinkedIn, LinkedCoach builds a sustainable way that focuses on the network’s everyday presence on the platform.

Since 2020, LinkedCoach has focused on individual digital coaching based on a well-proven training and coaching platform imported from the school world.

“The day you like to open the LinkedIn app and curiously scroll around and network with your contacts, then you are well on your way. Cause everything is based on a positive habit. It’s really like any training and sometimes a coach is needed to reach your goals! ” – Pontus Roos