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Individual LinkedIn Coaching

Building the habit, get more knowledge and having fun creates your LinkedIn success!

Have you decided that LinkedIn should be part of your communication with the market? We will help you further in that decision. Maybe you have attended a LinkedIn training before? LinkedCoach is what happens after the training.

We have all started working out at the gym and soon see ourself quit. LinkedCoach is like your LinkedIn PT that helps you build a sustainable habit of using the platform. We don´t want to deliver only a lecture where we tell about LinkedIn’s excellence and how you fix your profile.
We have succeeded on the day LinkedIn has become a natural and sustainable habit for you.

The first weeks always go at a high pace, you will gain a lot of knowledge via our videos but also through individual coaching which is either managed entirely via our digital platform but also via telephone or Teams.

After 2-3 weeks, we enter the phase where we get you to hold on. You process and build a relevant and fun network. We push you to content and also help you with ideas on content. Because what exactly are you going to write about? How personal can you be and how much of what you write should be linked to the company you work for?

If there had been a universal answer to that question, it would have been simple. Now we are all different individuals, which means that we adapt the coaching according to your needs.

This is individual LinkedIn coaching. It lasts for one, two or three months, Where we help you take the steps you want, help you with the knowledge you need and are a support until the day you feel that “LinkedIn is OK, it works well for me, I understand the platform and have achieved the goals I´ve set. I see LinkedIn as a natural part of my networking and the network gets to know me and our products and services ”

For those of you who are looking for a new job, we have a clear focus on your networking with the aim of finding your next job. The coaching is adapted so that we approach the right company and recruiter just for you.

Individual coaching can be booked directly online, but for groups over 15 people, we ask you to contact us via email: pontus@linkedcoach.se 

We start groups continuously according to your needs!

Keep it up!

pp / month


Have you been coached? We´ll keep an eye on you so that you actually keep up, even after the coaching.

Profile review

30 minutes


Get your LinkedIn profile in order so that you attract in the right way!

Individual Coaching 3 months

3 months


With 3 months of LinkedIn coaching, you´ll really build the habit of becoming active on the world's largest business network!

Individual Coaching 2 months

2 months


You´ve already come a long way but needs an extra boost!

Individual Coaching 1 month

1 month


For you who have already come a long way and are willing to really go for it!