Shared posts – a bit more «hidden» on LinkedIn

Overall, sharing on LinkedIn does not provide much visibility. Although there are exceptions. We’ve heard of people getting both 20,000 and 30,000 views on a share. But as I said, that is unusual.

Most often the Marketing department ask their colleagues to share the company’s posts. When the colleagues (finally) do it, they see that they might get 2 likes and 200 views. But doesn’t think further about whether you can do it in any other way …;)

A new feature now is when you share a post, it’s not clear that it is a share, but it looks like you either liked or commented on the post. How this will affect our feed and whether we will get more shares and «Corporate Communications bullshit» with «we and our products» remains to be seen.

It is an exciting development at least!

Try it and see how sharing works for you 🙂