More happiness on LinkedIn – the laugh reaction

Now it’s even more fun to be on LinkedIn!

A challenge for many to be active on LinkedIn is that they find it “boring”. They may see far too stiff corporate communications instead of inspiring, uplifting, fun and insightful posts from people who are relevant to them…

Now the laughter reaction is being introduced on LinkedIn – meaning that we not only press “like”, “celebrate”, “support”, “love”, “insightful”and “curious”, but now also more laughter (btw, doesn´t the “curious” reaction feels quite negative?). Isn´t fantastic? More joy and humor, albeit in combination with business acumen, and preferably without becoming too borderline playful.


Tip! Humor is (almost) always nice, but keep in mind that e.g. irony can have its challenges in writing. Is it irony, please be clear in such cases with emojis, so it is not misinterpreted 😉