How do we get more followers on our Company page on LinkedIn?

This is a fairly common question we get. It usually comes from a Social media manager or a Marketing manager at a B2B company.

And the answer is that the question basically has the wrong focus.

A lot of people put too much faith in the Company page on LinkedIn, which often does not get much visibility. Even if you have a lot of followers, it does not mean that they see your posts. If they have not interacted with the posts by liking, commenting or sharing, you will not be seen in their feed.

It’s more about getting individuals started on LinkedIn, that’s when it happens.

But, if we are going to stay on the Company page, some tips to get more followers:

– As an Admin, you have 250 invitations that you can use each month – use them, but invite those you think are interested.

– The one at the company with many contacts – give them Admin rights so that he/she can invite.

– Add a “follow us on LinkedIn” in your email signatures. Or “feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn”.

– In your personal posts, also tag the company