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Shared posts – a bit more “hidden” on LinkedIn

28 June 2022

Overall, sharing on LinkedIn does not provide much visibility. Although there are exceptions. We've heard of people getting both 20,000 and 30,000 views on a share. But as I said, that is unusual.

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More Company page invites on LinkedIn

21 June 2022

For quite some time, it has been possible to invite 100 people per month to your Company page on LinkedIn. Now they have taken one step further – now you have as many as 250 invitations to send out, to get more followers to your Company page.

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More happiness on LinkedIn – the laugh reaction

19 June 2022

Now it's even more fun to be on LinkedIn! A challenge for many to be active on LinkedIn is that they find it "boring". They may see far too stiff corporate communications instead of inspiring, uplifting, fun and insightful posts from people who are relevant to them...

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Comment as the Company page – made easier

16 June 2022

A long-awaited feature on LinkedIn. Finally, you can choose who you want to comment/like as directly on the posts in your feed. This is a function that has been around for a long time and very smoothly on Facebook (Like and Comment as...), and now also on LinkedIn.

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