Leaders on LinkedIn 1 month

from $ 1 800
Course length:
1 month

Being a leader means showing understanding and knowledge of the group you lead. Companies that choose to work with LinkedIn achieve greater success on the platform with leaders who understand their role and how you as a leader elevate the group and get everyone working towards the same goal with structure, knowledge and business acumen.

At Linkedcoach, we analyze the leader’s knowledge and experience of LinkedIn before recommending the length of the coaching. We offer 1-3 months where you as a leader learn how to lead the team forward on LinkedIn and create a sustainable and long-term way of working for all participants.

We will work with, among others:
– Tone of voice for leaders
– Collaboration in the group
– Work with statistics to measure the group
– Conversion, drive towards business
– Social Selling, getting those you lead to work smart
– Content support, what and how to write?
– Your brand on the platform
– The task of the leader
– Your activity linked to range
– Collaboration on LinkedIn
– Video (to consider)
– Advantages of different formats
– Scope, what should we focus on
– In-depth understanding of the algorithms

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