Individual Coaching 3 months

Course length:
3 months

(Start as desired)
3 months individual coaching. You’ll get a very solid foundation to stand on. You will be able to and understand LinkedIn and all the necessary functions to achieve your goals.
In the meantime, you get access and are coached through 25-35 tasks with accompanying video material.

The goal is for you to take your position on LinkedIn and either be associated with your profession or find your next job. You will learn about strategic collaborations, relevant networks and master the functions that make a difference to your networking.

Your tasks are of varying difficulty but focus on building a habit of using LinkedIn and becoming an esteemed networker by others. To create a solid personal brand.

For those of you who work in sales, the main focus will be on conversion to business – how do we convert and when do we convert?

It’s 3 months packed with knowledge, strategy and a lot of fun. Our coaches follow you all the time and through our digital education and coaching platform, LoopMe, we can clearly see and follow every participant – on a individual level.

For each task, you as a participant must tag your experience and reflect on the difficulty, opportunity and what support you may need. This is then translated into a diagram which we then use to optimize future tasks for you. All with the aim of making LinkedIn a natural habit for you.

We will, among other things, go through the following:
– Your profile
– Your network
– LinkedIn’s search functions
– Build networks
– Understanding of algorithms
– Content suggestions
– Your activity and reach
– Collaborations on LinkedIn
– Video (advise)
– Advantages of different formats
– Articles on LinkedIn

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