LinkedIn Coordination

Do you run a project with a lot of stakeholders and companies involved? LinkedIn coordination is about managing and coaching several individuals in a project. Not only within the own company, but individuals from different companies who are stakeholders in a joint venture or project.

For example, it could be a real estate project where we have many stakeholders: property owners, builders, construction consultants, architects, interior designers, commercial management, property developers, real estate agents, brokers etc. There, we identify key people who want to take a clear role in the project and its visibility on LinkedIn, and help them.

So, instead of spending a lot of money on paid advertising, we use the power of more people for organic visibility on LinkedIn.

It creates interest in the project, deepens collaborations, builds the personal brand and the company’s brand, and creates more sustainable and dynamic communication over time.

Are you curious about what a LinkedIn coordination approach might look like in your particular project? Send an email to Alex, and he’s happy to tell you more!

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